Dr. Mark Totten

Dr. Mark Totten  works with groups across Canada on evidence-based practices in the areas of gangs, sexual exploitation and trafficking, crime prevention, mental health, child maltreatment and family violence, bullying and harassment, and corrections and policing.  Along with his partner Sharon Dunn, he is President of Mark Totten & Associates Inc., a consulting company with the mission of “doing social justice science that makes a real difference in the lives of complex need people and their communities”.  He is currently collaborating with groups in Ontario and Western Canada in the development and evaluation of multi-year gang prevention, intervention and suppression strategies.  He is also involved in long-term projects with First Nations groups in remote northern communities focused on counseling and ending cycles of violence.  Mark is past Director of Research at the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa (1987-2007) and has worked with high-risk children, youth, adults and families for over thirty years.  His career started in 1980 coordinating recreation programs in Ottawa social housing communities, continuing on with work in Kingston Penitentiary and the child welfare and youth justice fields.  He has a Master of Social Work and a Ph.D. in Sociology.  He is a certified social worker and has authored over 60 books, academic articles and government reports, including Guys, Gangs and Girlfriend Abuse (2000), When Children Kill: A Social- Psychological Study on Youth Homicide (2002), Promising Practices for Addressing Youth Involvement in Gangs (2008), and Nasty, Brutish and Short: The Lives of Gang Members in Canada (2012)His new book, Gang Life: Ten of the Toughest Tell Their Stories, will be published in March 2014.  He is a frequent media commentator and keynote speaker at provincial and national conferences.

Mark has also recently taken on the job of Professor in the Bachelor of Applied Arts Criminal Justice Program at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Toronto.  He teaches criminal  justice courses in the areas of gender, restorative justice, and Aboriginal Peoples.  Please take note of Mark’s new contact information: